Thoughts of a Political Progressive in 2016 (in Poem Form)

Respect yourself,
But I plead you understand,
That the universe is quite grand,
And you are not a big deal,
You know far less than you do not,
While it may be your precious thought,
Don’t twist it into a knot,
To make sound true what isn’t real.
No one has all the answers,
Which is why we cooperate,
And only how we’ll elevate,
Our extremist leanings.

Being an attorney,
Doesn’t make you a scientist.
So please don’t be a phony,
When discussing the climate.
Do trust the experts,
Since they actually know.
Instead of looking like a clown,
Holding up a chunk of snow,
Shredding the truth like savages,
Because you don’t understand averages.

Your expertise in economics,
Won’t extend to education.
Finance is extraneous in a conversation,
When a lifelong educator,
Speaks to you about their craft,
And says your cost saving strategy,
Would leave our precious kids daft.

Be dubious if they claim,
That they know the easy answers,
To our toughest tribulations.
Believe instead Senator Sanders,
For he has higher aspirations.
He knows it takes a huge movement,
And many policy complications,
Which won’t fit the in sound bytes,
Seen in corporate news stations.

As for the tiny fingered fascist,
Propped by the search for ratings,
Do note all that brashness,
Is to cover up his failings.
And that only empty ideas,
Lie beneath the race baitings.
A political creation,
To justify exploitation,
And preach violence to the nation.
Beyond all that,
I urge to not forget,
He could never rule effectively,
For saying “I will make it great”,
Is not an actual strategy.

Fear is poison to the brain,
If I am to put it plain,
So even when our pain is real,
Don’t be overcome with zeal,
If you cast your vote scared,
You’ll get screwed so beware.
We can have a better nation,
If you seek out information,
And don’t worship at altar,
Of party affiliation,
Where catering to corporations,
Leads to truth defenestration.

My grandfather used to say,
Way back in the day.
When you give up on learning,
Expanding your views and growing,
And rather see the world regressing,
It’s time to say goodbye,
Do us all a favor,
And just roll over and die.